Learn about
the 4 ways of investing

We offer four options for remote participation in short-term and long-term development investments. Choose the right product for you. It’s you who decides how long you want to invest for and what profits you wish to earn.

1. Flip

  • You profit from the sale of premises created after the division of previously purchased and renovated tenement houses, buildings etc.
  • Return on investment in approximately 12 months
  • Expected profit – 7-8% per annum

2. Developer

  • You profit from the sale of residential units after a plot has been purchased and the entire development process has been carried out.
  • Payback 2-5 years after project completion
  • Expected profit – 10-12% per annum

3. Rentier

  • A rentier project – participation in the profit from property rent. You own part of the property and we transfer the from the rental income to you every quarter.
  • Returns within as soon as 3 months. If you purchase tokens after the quarter has started, we will pay out the profit for the period during which you participated in the investment from the moment of purchase till the end of the quarter.
  • Circa 5% of profit per annum

4. Safe grounds

  • Profit from the sale of land purchased as agricultural and transformed to construction land, prepared for specific investments.
  • Duration of approx. 3 years
  • Expected profit of approx. 15% per annum