What is a token and what is it used for on this platform?

A token on our platform is an electronic kind of money which allows you to purchase shares in a specific investment. It then constitutes a cryptographic confirmation of ownership.

What is blockchain and what is it used for on this platform?

Blockchain is a technology based on decentralisation and dispersion of databases. Thanks to many decentralised nodes, the use of cryptography and other algorithms, the transaction confirmed in the network cannot be changed and the costs of executing a given transaction are relatively small. All of the above makes blockchain technology very safe and effective which significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of raising capital.

What do I have to do to invest?

To invest in our projects, you need to register on the platform and pass the identity verification stage. Once the verification is complete, you can buy tokens and use them to invest in investments of your choice.

What is the minimum / maximum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is merely $100.

As for the maximum amount: if our current projects do not meet your appetite for investment, please contact us (contact@investo.tech). We will individually examine your investment needs and propose an adequate solution.

Why is the company located in Estonia?

Estonia has strong laws regulating blockchain technology (one of the best in the world) which we at Investo.Tech make full use of.

I came by a good deal and I'm looking for financing. How can I place my investment on the platform?

Contact us. Write to us (contact@investo.tech)

What is the minimum / maximum investment value I can place on the platform?

The minimum value is $1 million.

As for the maximum value of the investment, please contact us (contact@investo.tech) for individual discussions.

How much can I gain and how much can I lose by investing with Investo.Tech?

The level of profitability depends on the specific investment. We select investments in such a way that the possible loss (if any) manifests itself in the extended investment period.

What is the risk of losing funds?

Real estate is, as history shows, the most secure investment of capital and the risk of losing money is low. Profit, of course, may be spread over time, as the average duration of a flat sale ranges from 3 to 6 months. It is as likely that an apartment may sell in one day as one month, but it may also take several months and you will simply have to wait longer for the profit. It all depends on the type of property. Since we search for real estate at bargain prices, after preparing them, we always sell at a profit – sometimes sooner, other times later. However, if you invest in real estate for rent, profits will be earned every 3 months. Loss of funds is possible only in the event of a disaster and destruction of the property, which in any case will be insured. So as you can see, the possibility of losing funds is very small.

Why is it worth investing with Investo.Tech at all?

If you have some saved funds in your account, you want them to generate profit – right? Surely, you will agree that the current level of interest rates on any available deposits does not inspire optimism. So you have two options – either you leave the funds in your account without doing anything and allow all the profit on the deposit to be eaten up by inflation, or you “hire” your money so that it earns for you. The amount of profit depends on how much you wish to invest and which investment program you choose to enter.

Why is real estate tokenisation for me?

You don’t need a large amount of money to start earning. Thanks to tokenisation, you participate in projects that may be beyond your financial reach at the moment, and thanks to the fact that several such people will put together funds for a large investment, everyone will earn in direct proportion to their contribution.

If however, you are an investor who is looking to finance your investment, we will help you raise capital for it. It is a symbiosis – we create a platform that connects people who want to earn money in a safe and profitable way.

They say it's worth investing in real estate, but why?

Real estate is the most profitable investment of capital. As we are practitioners of real estate investment, we seek out the most attractive offers on the market and, after appropriate preparation, sell them at a profit in which you participate as an investor.

What is my responsibility?

As an investor, you are not responsible for what happens with a given investment. We are at all times solely responsible for a given project and respond to our investors, the market, KIP and other control and supervision authorities.

How is it possible that even though I contribute such a relatively small sum I can participate in a large undertaking?

Imagine that on our investment platform you find a property that you want to buy for investment, but you don’t have enough money. You have to wait a long time to collect the entire sum, and you have the money to invest NOW. This is when we come to the rescue and bring together people who, just like you, also want to invest in this property. Thanks to this, we are all members of this investment opportunity and everyone is entitled to share in its profit according to the amount they invested. Simple and fair – right?

What happens if I want to withdraw? Is it possible at all? And what if several investors also want to resign?

You can, but you will lose. We will charge you 40% as a handling fee in the first year, if you do this in the second and following years the fee is 20%. The exception to this rule is the Rentier product, where from the fifth year onwards the handling fee is 0%. The decisions of other investors do not directly affect you. After completing the investment, we pay out the invested capital + profit.

What if there are not enough small investors to bring a particular project to life?

If there are not enough small investors willing to invest in a particular project, we will present the opportunity to investors with greater financial capacity in order to supplement the remaining amount and implement the project. However, if the amount is not collected, the investment will simply not be realised and your funds will simply come back to you.